When a child’s health is in question, naturally every parent only wants to do what’s best for their child. For this very reason, having a trusted pediatrician is paramount for helping to maintain the health and well-being of your child. 

However, what happens when an emergency occurs and your pediatrician is unavailable? Having a safe place to have your child evaluated ensures your child’s well-being. This is where an Urgent pediatric visit is helpful. 

Our pediatric providers in San Antonio can take care of any urgent matter your child encounters. This includes mild flu, a minor injury or anything urgent but not life-threatening. More than caring for your child’s regular health needs, the pediatric provider should be able to accommodate urgent care visits. You’d be more at ease knowing there is always a place to go to seek help. 

Find out how to choose a pediatric urgent care facility for your child.

What to Look for in a Pediatric Urgent Care Center

Research medical staff credentials

There are two main factors that will help you determine the quality of an urgent care clinic for your kid:

Pediatric-Focused Care

Since your child will be the patient, it is important that you find an urgent care center that specializes in pediatric care. The medical staff should be highly trained in pediatrics, understand how to handle kids’ issues, recognize the different ways kids communicate, and provide reassurance that their staff understands the child’s needs.


Being board-certified means having relevant certification in pediatrics and pediatric emergency medicine. Ensure that all doctors or pediatric health practitioners are board-certified.

Child-Friendly Environment

Always look for a child-friendly environment to set young patients at ease. These facilities need to look and feel safe. A positive environment with lots of wholesome, colorful decor and toys will make the children feel more comfortable to go to treatment.

Up-to-Date Equipment

The technology and medical equipment must be up-to-date with medical standards. Check the equipment the facility uses and see if they have appropriate devices, such as an IV or kid-sized blood pressure cuffs. You know you are working with pediatric urgent care professionals when they keep kids in mind.

Wide Range of Services

A good urgent care center has a wide range of services, including vaccination, remedies for common colds or infections, relief for minor injuries like cuts and sprains, and treatment for asthma and other conditions. 

Wait times and Availability

Short wait times are a plus. Check the center’s published waiting time online to schedule your arrival and minimize your child’s presence in the waiting area. If you prefer after-hours, find an urgent care center with clinic hours in the evening and on weekends.

Open Communication

Communication is a key factor in a pediatrician-child relationship. Select a facility that communicates swiftly with you and keeps you informed of any updates, whether about your scheduled appointment or about the test results. 


Of course, a short travel time to the clinic is another factor when selecting a pediatric urgent care clinic. You don’t want to drive 2 hours from your home when your child urgently needs the doctor. Choose a pediatric urgent care in San Antonio that is closest to you.

Final Words

To pick the best urgent care clinic, focus on important factors, such as pediatrics training, board certification, child-friendly environment, location, and services. 

Kidz Now Urgent Care offers the best pediatric urgent care in San Antonio and covers all the factors mentioned above. We provide high-quality pediatric services done by board-certified pediatricians to ensure quick recovery of your little ones. Check out our website to schedule a visit, or simply walk in at any of our locations.