Protect Your Kids From COVID-19

Threats of COVID-19 still loom over Texas amidst the opening of classes this August. While parents, teachers, and students are gearing up for the school opening, the Texas Department of State Health Services reported increased COVID-19 cases

Since there are schools that will resume face-to-face classes this year, it is crucial for parents to know different ways to keep their children safe from COVID-19 throughout the school year.

Here are some tips to protect your child from contracting the virus throughout the school year.


  1. Communication is Key

Engage your children in age-appropriate discussions about the pandemic. Explain the importance of following safety protocols without causing unnecessary alarm. Use a calm and reassuring voice when communicating these things to your child. 

By fostering understanding, children are more likely to cooperate willingly.


  1. Reinforce Healthy Habits

Basic hygiene practices can go a long way in preventing the spread of illnesses. Teach your children the importance of proper handwashing, wearing masks, and using hand sanitizers. Make it a fun activity by singing a handwashing song or letting them choose colorful masks they’ll be excited to wear.


  1. Choose Transportation Wisely

If your child uses public transportation to get to school, discuss the safety protocols associated with it. Consider alternatives like walking, biking, or carpooling with a small, trusted group of friends to minimize exposure.


  1. Packing Safe Lunches

Packing Safe Lunches

Packing lunches from home can reduce the risk of exposure. Opt for easily washable and reusable lunch containers. Encourage your child to refrain from sharing food or utensils, fostering a sense of personal responsibility.


  1. Stay Updated on School Policies

Schools are diligently working to implement safety measures. Stay informed about their policies regarding mask mandates, social distancing, and vaccination requirements. This knowledge will help you reinforce the importance of these measures to your child.


  1. Foster Emotional Resilience

The pandemic’s impact extends beyond physical health. Children may experience emotional challenges as they navigate changes in routines and interactions. Create an open environment where they can express their feelings and concerns. Validate their emotions and offer coping strategies.

Sometimes, parents’ efforts may be insufficient to resolve their children’s anxiety. In this case, consulting an urgent care clinic is a more practical approach. Their medical and psychological advice can help manage stress, anxiety, and other emotional problems. 


  1. Encourage Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities provide a breath of fresh air—literally and figuratively. Encourage your child to engage in outdoor play, sports, or walks to boost their immune system and overall well-being. However, be mindful of reminding your child to use disinfectants occasionally.


  1. Monitor Symptoms Vigilantly

Educate your child about the common symptoms of COVID-19 and other illnesses. Encourage them to communicate any discomfort or symptoms promptly. Stay home if they feel unwell and consult an urgent care pediatrics professional.


  1. Lead by Example

Children learn by observing their parents and caregivers. Demonstrate responsible behavior by consistently adhering to safety protocols, wearing masks when needed, and practicing good hygiene. Your actions will reinforce the importance of these practices.


Keep Your Child Healthy With Kidz Now Urgent Care


As we prepare for another school year, we parents must prioritize our children’s safety by taking precautions to prevent illnesses like COVID-19. We want to ensure our kids can enjoy the excitement of returning to school without risking their health.

Parents safeguard their children’s well-being as they embark on another chapter by fostering open communication, instilling healthy habits, and staying informed. 

Kidz Now Urgent Care is here to help keep your child safe from illnesses throughout the school year. From pediatric COVID-19 testing to other urgent care services at our location at FM 78, we aim to foster health and wellness in children. 

Consult our doctors for more back-to-school tips to keep your young ones safe.