Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic in San Antonio

Proper urgent care for children can be of paramount importance, often being the difference between life and death. It is essential in recent years, as 2019 marked an uptick in pediatric urgent care visits, with over 25% of U.S. children having at least one visit.

Having a place designed to help pediatric urgent care patients in San Antonio and surrounding cities can make a major difference.

To learn what to look out for when choosing urgent pediatric care, read on.


It may seem simple and a little outdated, but asking friends, relatives, and acquaintances for their recommendations can greatly help you choose. People tend to make recommendations based on their personal experiences. If a person you trust tells you that a particular urgent care facility is high-quality and reliable, then you can take them at their word.

Another benefit to asking the people in your life for recommendations is the geo-location aspect. If you happen to live in the same city or area as the people you are asking for advice, they will point you to the best choice in your vicinity. Of course, other people’s recommendations cannot be the only factor you consider when making this decision.


Before you go for a particular facility, you must always do in-depth research. As part of that research, you look into the credentials of the caregivers employed at the urgent care center. You want to ensure that the caregivers are qualified enough to provide the best possible care for your child.

The best way to research medical staff’s credentials is to look them up online. You can easily find reference websites that contain their educational and employment histories and achievements.

Research medical staff credentials


This factor is quite similar to the element of recommendations, except you are less likely to be swayed by your personal relationship. We live in the golden era of the internet, so finding reviews is incredibly easy, and that includes pediatric urgent care reviews. These experiences and opinions are posted online by people who are most likely strangers to you, so you can look at their claims objectively. While reviews can be beneficial, take them with a grain of salt and try to confirm the claims with multiple sources.

Ensure the Facility is Up To Date

Medicine is a constantly evolving, fast-paced discipline that’s improving for the patients. As part of your research, make sure that both the caregivers and the equipment are updated with the latest developments in the field of medicine.

Your other option is to contact them by phone or email and inquire about the specifics, like the available procedures, equipment, technology, waiting times, etc.

The Right Pediatric Urgent Care Facility: KidzNow Urgent Care

There is nothing more important than the health of your child, and when that is under threat, you want to ensure that your little one receives the best pediatric urgent care service. KidzNow Urgent Care will give your child the best care possible. We offer urgent and non-urgent care services, with quality treatment from board-certified pediatricians and highly experienced nursing and support staff!

Contact us, or visit us with your child – we will take care of the rest.