Back to School Amid COVID

Due to the pandemic outbreak back in 2020, the world was never the same again, especially for kids. 

Students were especially hit by the lockdown, having to cut all ties with their classmates and stay at home until further notice. Forcing schools to shut down, kids practiced distance learning and found themselves in a whole new reality.

But now, as COVID-19 restrictions start easing, is it safe for kids to return to their place of education? Has the time come to fill halls with chatter finally come?

Continue reading our article as we reveal the recommended precautions schools should be taking to ensure a safe, educational environment for our youngest, as well as where to turn for medical assistance whenever in doubt of COVID symptoms.

Should School Re-Open?

In global terms, more and more schools are completely re-opening their classrooms and welcoming students to pick up where they left off. Whether schools should be re-open or not depends on the countries’ governments in consultation with local authorities and the medical experts from the National Committee for Communicable Diseases.

For instance, more than 100,000 kids returned to their classrooms at Fernandez Elementary in San Antonio, all jumping for joy to be back together with their peers. 

If you want to clear away any COVID suspicions, you can do child covid testing in San Antonio and get fast and accurate results to put your mind at ease. Public health, the risks, and the benefits of returning to school should be considered before re-opening public and private schools.

What Precautions Should Schools Take?

For the schools to re-open, there must be certain guidelines and safety protocols to follow to ensure children’s lives aren’t exposed to health hazards. Moreover, schools should comply with the overall COVID-19, country-specific health responses concerning students, staff, teachers, and the student’s families. 

Some of the useful, COVID-safe practices schools can employ include the following:

  • Scheduling mealtimes;
  • Staging particular start and close of the school day;
  • Relocating classes outdoors or to larger temporary spaces;
  • Reducing class sizes;
  • Holding classes in shifts.

Why Is Classroom-Based Learning Important to Students?

Classroom-Based Learning Important to Students

When kids are prevented from going to school, it means more than just losing valuable education – they lose their social bonds with their peers, as well.

Kids are left with broken routines, interrupted social interactions, and to some less fortunate – it can mean losing the only meal for the day. Moreover, it has been noted that extended school absences can lead to a build-up of aggression and even depression.

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