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Kids have unlimited potential and energy, so they are the perfect candidates to practice a sport they love.

In the US alone, 58.4% of children and adolescents aged 6-17 participate in a sports activity. However, playing sports comes with the risk of accidents occurring. As an activity that requires physical involvement, kids sports injuries are a frequent event on the field.

Preventing severe injuries from happening is a priority number one when it comes to children.
It doesn’t take much for an undesired event to happen – yet it takes much less to prevent it. This blog will share tips for safer sports practices among children. 


Prevention and Important Acts

The list below consists of the guidelines for preventing children from sustaining sports injuries. Follow these instructions and take proper measures before more injuries occur. 


Use Fitting Equipment 

Each sport comes with equipment appropriate for playing it. Have your child use helmets, shoes, mouthguards, or padding of choice that are suitable for the exact sport they’re playing.

Misfitting equipment can be hazardous and can cause injuries. As essential as suitability is the size of your kid’s gear. It should fit all limbs and body areas right. Ill-fitting equipment can reduce mobility and hinder blood flow, increasing the chance of injury.


Inform the Children 

Talking to young athletes about the importance of injury prevention will motivate them to take prevention seriously. Explain the harm and injuries that not wearing the safety equipment or improper form can cause.

They are at the beginning of their athlete career, so they should learn about the safety protocols when they are young. Plus, training in injury prevention and how to protect oneself on the field will help them keep their friends safe. 


Explain the Rules of the Game 

Every game has different rules, and an incident can occur if they’re not followed. Each child should be well aware of the rules. Unexpected motions are not welcome in a sports game with strict rules. Also, any wrongful movement can lead to an injury. Explaining to kids how to move their bodies right is a priority over just having them play the sport.


Teach Them the Fundamentals 

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Drinking enough water, having a healthy diet, and resting are fundamentals of sports training. Kids must know the importance of maintaining a healthy body for their and the sport’s sake. Their health can suffer if they don’t fulfill the main requirements for safe sports training. 


Always be Prepared

A First Aid kit should always be within reach when kids do sports. You should check and restock the kit every so often because you don’t want to end up with an injured child and a first aid kit without band-aids. Additionally, you should always have water and vitamins suitable for children and encourage warmups to prevent serious injuries.


Adult Supervision at All Times

No matter what training they have undergone, you must never forget that you are dealing with children. You should never leave them out of sight, especially when working with younger groups. Experimenting is not encouraged, so whatever training routine you apply, ensure it is relevant to the sport played. 


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