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When a child is not feeling well, parents naturally get worried. The first normal reaction is fear of the unknown. Lack of experience with sick children and no knowledge increases the fear and creates thoughts of possible complications, permanent impairment, or a negative outcome. Feeling helpless in a new and strange situation is frustrating.

In such a situation, some parents instinctively take their sick child to the emergency room of a big hospital. At Kidz Now Urgent Care, we understand that intense worry increases with severity and is associated with hospitalization in the first 24 hours. That’s why choosing the right pediatric urgent care is important. 

What do Emergency Unit Workers Do with Worried Parents?

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When stressed parents bring a sick child to an emergency medical center, the child is not the only one that medical staff takes care of but also worried parents. The time needed to perform the analysis, strange hospital smells, the fast and frequent movement of hospital staff, and not providing answers in the time as expected are some of the reasons that drive parents to a stage with uncontrolled behavior.

It is an additional challenge to the hospital staff to calm down stressed parents and to reassure them that the situation is under the control of doctors. A calm way of communicating,using the right words to convey a positive perspective, and being responsive are some of the efforts that healthcare providers put to settle the situation and put maximum effort into diagnostics and treatment.

Stay Calm and Focus on What the Doctor Says

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You are a parent, and healthcare workers understand your worry, as many of them are parents too. But being overly worried and panicking will not help your child. Instead, try to calm down, be present, and be aware of what is going on, what the results from the examination say, and what are the next treatment steps. In an urgent situation, your child is the one who needs care and support from all.

Once you bring your child to a pediatric urgent care facility, rely on professionals who are there to help and cure. It’s their job to understand the current health condition, make necessary exams and analyses and find a diagnosis.

You must also keep in mind that you are your child’s spokesperson. Their condition might prevent them from fully expressing what they’re going through, so it is up to you to provide clarity on the situation. Letting your emotions run wild while explaining will make it more difficult for healthcare professionals to understand the problem. 

Give Your Trust to Healthcare Workers

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The best that you can do is to choose a medical center up front where you will go if you want to get safe, accessible, and high-quality pediatric medical care. At Kidz Now Urgent Care, we offer the very best care for non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses. 

Our certified pediatricians and experienced nurses will quickly respond to your needs and give diagnoses for further optimal treatment of your child. You can be certain that your child is in the safest hands. You may send your inquiries here

Alternatively, you can visit our Resources page for answers to frequently asked questions, insurance information, and to fill out forms before you visit our facility.